Glamping on an island, the fashionable lodging in New York

New York, one of the most cosmopolitan metropolis in the world, surrounded by the modernity of its skyscrapers, as well as luxury and fashion complexes, lots of fashion, offers its visitors a new proposal that you might not think was available: glamping on an island.

If as a child you loved camping and having close contact with nature, now you can have a similar experience but New York, in the middle of an island without having to deprive yourself of the comforts and luxury that allow you to spend a comfortable night.

Collective Retreats is the company that makes it possible. A few weeks ago they inaugurated their glamping - term proposal that refers to the experience of camping with luxury - in the Gobernador Island, an extension of land of 70 hectares where this experience is accessed for the most adventurous.

The camping type cottages have everything you need for the demanding tourist who does not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy without complications of the experience. Inside, each and every one of them retains a modern style conditioned with the best amenities.

The glamping complex adds to the options of accommodation in New York to enjoy in summer, where the pleasant temperatures will make the stay more pleasant, in addition to the guest will be able to admire from the island the great skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty and appreciate the sunsets, in addition to enjoying other recreational options offered by the island, such as cycling.

Collective Governors Island is one of the points where this group has settled in the United States, and the only one that, to reach it, you have to take a ferry and follow an easy and uncomplicated path.

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